Am I a Swell Sister?

If you are a woman who loves the arts and would like to be part of a community – then yes, you are a Swell Sister! Whether you work in the arts professionally, create at your desk or in your dining room, you will find your place here. If you want to grow and like to laugh, join now.

What kind of art forms do Swell Sisters practice?

We are a working community of art enthusiasts with diverse interests. They include (but are not limited to); the visual arts, writing, poetry, design, music, film, sculpture, crafts & art history, whew! We are a cool clever creative chick coterie! And we’re just getting started…

Why the 1940’s imagery?

Pure inspiration. The 1940s era in the U.S. redefined women. Men were at war. Women held the fort both at home and in the workplace. They relied on each other and got the job done. Plus each one of the gals on this site looks like a Swell Sister! Don’t you think?

What do you do at the Swell Sister meetings?

Each month’s official meeting (including agenda) will be posted on the Swell Sister Calendar (located on the forum in the Community section of our website). A typical meeting may have an art-related speaker or program followed by time to chat with fellow art devotees. Each meeting will have a business table where Sisters can leave their cards/flyers/announcements, etc. We also have a loosey-goosey potluck policy where if you feel like cooking or shopping you may bring something- but it’s not necessary (empty table o.k.)

Where do Swell Sisters meet?

For the foreseeable future SSS will meet in the lovely Garden Room and Courtyard at Sierra 2 Center for the Arts and Community. Sierra 2 is a gorgeous, 1928 former school that is easy to find from freeways 80, 50 and 99. This wheelchair accessible building also has plenty of parking in its 75 space parking lot and surrounding neighborhood. Free plentiful metro parking? Absolutely! Nothing is too good for our sisters!

When does SSS meet?

SSS regular meeting time is 7p.m. – 9p.m. on the second Thursday of every month. Our message board and calendar will also list additional meetings/events of smaller groups of sisters between the official monthly meetings.

What are Membership Dues for SSS?

Dues are $10 per month, due the first week of every month. There is a Paypal link on the SSS Membership page. After your payment, you’ll receive an email requesting more information and your account will be set up in the Community section of our website.

May I come to an SSS Monthly Meeting before officially signing up?

You bet! There will always be a place on the sign in sheet for brand new sisters.

Do I need to RSVP?

Yes, please. It’s a chair thing.

Those are lovely details, but what are the real benefits of membership in Swell Sister Society?

Let’s see….being part of something bigger than yourself, camaraderie, opportunity to learn new art forms, opportunity to practice your art form with very cool women, forum to express your artistic dreams, forum to network & learn from other wise women, the possibility of becoming a real VOICE in the art community…the list goes on and on!

Yes, but what are the immediate, tangible benefits of my $10 a month?

Your Membership in Swell Sister Society includes our Society Art Affair at the Garden Room (AKA our monthly meeting) with its wonderful entertainment, networking, business and possible goodie benefits. Membership also includes use of our amazing new website forum, with the Community Page being the cornerstone of our group. It’s a pretty *swell* deal for the price of a movie ticket!

I can’t wait! I want to be a Swell Sister! How do I join?

There is a Paypal link on the SSS Membership page. After your payment, you’ll receive an email requesting membership information and your account will be set up in the Community section of our website.

Is this Society/Website/FAQ page in its final form?

We wish! This grassroots group is evolving rapidly and we’re learning as we go along. If a significant improvement can be made to Swell Sister, we’ll be on it!

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