Some of Our Swell Sisters!
(* next to name indicates Sisters who have art for sale)

Janet Campbell *
Janet is a full-time artist who sells online, mainly at Etsy & Ebay.
Rachel Cate
Rachel’s interests: Painting, faux finishing, collage, digital art, graphic design. Rachel loves to discover new perspectives in art and creativity so she spends her free time reading art magazines, recently including Photoshop magazines. This helps her stay fresh.
Juliana Gerber *
Juliana Gerber is a mixed-media collage artist who explores the principles of repurposing found and discarded items. Her vibrant and highly textured works are for sale.
Contact Juliana at
Laurelin Gilmore *
As a painter and drawing artist, Laurelin’s work rests in a fantasy somewhere
between sur- and realism. While humans are the touchstone, her work occasionally ventures into the flora, fauna and insectile arenas as well.
Olivia Moreno-Hansen *
Olivia Moreno-Hansen is a conceptual artist creating fine art in oils and acrylics.
Cree Hudson *
Cree Hudson, Sacramento artist, uses Oil, acrylic, and mixed media to explore the human form, every day beauty, and universal experiences. Her work is for sale, and she is available for specialized commission.
AJ Murphy *
Freestyle impressionist oil painter who sells and works by commission.
Cheryl Root *
Cheryl is a multi-media artist, concentrating on Gourd Art.
You can view her work at
Mikie Spencer *
Oils, acrylics, fashion design and illustration, dabbling in encaustics, and an occasional mural.
Susan Bernard Webb
Susan is a graphic designer, artist and writer. She does plein air painting in addition to other types of art.
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